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First published in 1995, CYBERsitter is the original Internet Filter. CYBERsitter has protected millions of kids from accessing objectionable and potentially harmful content. CYBERsitter is trusted by parents, schools, libraries, and organizations of all kinds in over 100 countries. Young families are now choosing CYBERsitter because that's what their parents used when they were young!

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Get inside your computer and learn more about what it is doing under the hood! LookInMyPC is used by thousands of computer technicians to diagnose problems because it is easy to use. The theft of personal data is a huge problem and LookInMyPC will help you identify programs may be doing just that. Numerous drill-down options show you more data about your programs than you ever thought possible.

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CYBERsitter Lists is much like our regular CYBERsitter product, except it is designed for networks. It installs on a Windows server and protects all wired and wireless devices on your network. Filter lists are updated daily to make sure you have the latest protections available.


Alligate is an enterprise grade anti-spam, defensive email gateway server for Microsoft Windows servers. It is installed on the public side of your mail server and was built from the ground up to defend against spam and a myriad of other types of abuse.

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