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Award Winning Content Management
And System Monitoring Solutions Since 1995

New Product!

Are your work-at-home employees being productive?
Are kids paying attention to their schoolwork?
We can help! Introducing HomeWorker.
An inexpensive way to track activity for anyone working at home.

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HomeWorker Manager App & Tool Bar

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Manage your kids time online and blocks objectionable and unwanted content.

Trusted by families for over 25 years!

Best family friendly filter product for homes, schools and libraries.

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Block annoying ads and invasive tracking. Protects your privacy, lets web pages load faster, and saves you bandwidth.

System level software works with web, mail, games, video and more.

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Plugs into your Router

Get rid of ads, tracking, malicious, drugs, fraud, adult, whatever categories you select.
Zero administration.

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Unbelievably Thorough, Real-time Low Level PC Diagnostics

Easy To Use
Works with Windows 7, 8 and 10
and Windows Server 2008+

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DMR Hotspots

Hotspots for Digital Mobile Radio Communications

Custom "Made in the USA"